WWF water work

Meeting the major challenges facing our industry, such as protecting freshwater resources, demands collaboration between us, our business partners, our competitors, NGOs, governments and local authorities. That’s why we’ve teamed up with organisations such as WWF and Solidaridad. Together, we want to set a new standard on water management across the fashion industry.

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Joint action with WWF

United in a common vision for better availability and quality of freshwater, H&M Group initiated a long-term partnership with WWF in 2011. Our goal is to become a leading water steward within the fashion industry and with the help of WWF, we have developed a 5-step water stewardship strategy to make it happen.   

  • Water awareness: boost understanding at H&M group, at suppliers’ factories and among customers of global water challenges and their dependence on freshwater
  • Knowledge of impact: assess footprint and risk in our stores, warehouses and suppliers’ factories
  • Internal action: improve the use of water and reduce pollution within our operations and suppliers’ factories
  • Stakeholder engagement: work with companies, governments, and NGOs to address water issues in their focus regions
  • Influence governments: engage with public policymakers to manage water basins in a sustainable way

“Transforming the textile industry’s water management to reduce pollution is a critical part of WWF’s work to conserve freshwater resources. Our global partnership with H&M has led the way by improving H&M Group’s water management and encouraging other companies, NGOs and policymakers to collectively engage on water issues on a global level.”

Stuart Orr, Leader Freshwater Practice, WWF International

“When H&M and WWF are working together, we can create more impact. Our aim is to make a change and be a leading example for the whole industry.”

Cecilia Brännsten, Head of Environmental Sustainability, H&M Group

Some results from our work with WWF:

  • Water and chemical management standards were improved at over 500 suppliers in our supply chain. 
  • Our cleaner production program has trained over 2,500 workers in production countries such as China, India and Indonesia.
  • In China, the partnership supported a project to encourage farmers to use less agro-chemicals to help restore the health of the Yangtze river and help save the critically endangered finless porpoise.


H&M and WWF partnership 2016-2018: Midterm Result Report

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