The 2023 Annual General Meeting elected the authorised auditing firm Deloitte AB as the company’s auditors for a one-year period. i.e. until the end of the Annual General Meeting to be held in 2024. Deloitte has chosen the authorised public accountant Didrik Roos as the auditor-in-charge.

It is the responsibility of the auditors to review the company’s Annual Report and accounts, as well as the administration of the company by the Board of Directors and the CEO on behalf of the shareholders.


Audit fees (SEK m)

Group 2023Group 2022Parent company 2023Parent company 2022
Statutory audit59.654.911.914.0
Auditing other than statutory audit7.94.2--
Tax consultancy3.81.0--
Other consultancy0.82.4--
Other auditors
Statutory audit0.32.7--