Andreas Sjunnesson, Weekday

With an array of different sales experiences, Andreas Sjunnesson took the opportunity to try something new when he started at Weekday as a sales advisor seven years ago. Driven by a passion for the store and to see the business flourish, today Andreas is the Store Manager in Oslo’s third Weekday store.

Name: Andreas Sjunnesson
Brand: Weekday
Title: Store Manager
Years in H&M group (Years as Leader): 7 (3)
Previous roles: Started as a sales advisor and became store manager after having substituted the previous store manager for two years.

When Andreas started in a store seven years ago, he didn’t plan to become a leader – but it wasn’t long until he saw the opportunities around him. 

“I started with a ten-hour week as a sales advisor, but shortly after I had a full-time position and my own area of responsibility in the store – denim. An interest was awakened and I realized that I can make a career here. I focused on learning as much as I possibly could, listened and took in what I heard and experienced. My first store manager had a lot of trust in the team and was willing to delegate, which gave me a chance to learn”.

A leader for me is someone who can be the backbone of the team. I think the leader should somewhat be the axis around which the rest of the team revolves.

Passion, knowledge and joy are three words of inspiration in Andreas’ leadership. He wants to make sure that his team thinks it’s fun coming to work – and that it never becomes a place where you go to check in and get paid.

Having a close relationship within the team is something he works on daily.

“I have managed to get everyone on the same page. I never had a team as engaged as now! I think we are focusing on the right things, celebrating the small victories, and making sure to comment on each other’s good work. We are a tight-knit group and keep a close dialogue with one another about what we are doing good and what we could do better. Constructive feedback is crucial, so that you have the chance to grow”.

I encourage the team to boost each other and be honest and straight-forward with one another

What advice would you give to a new leader in the H&M group on their first day?
To stop, pause and reflect. Be proud of what you do and celebrate the everyday achievements.