The H&M group has a multi-brand matrix organisation with the following brands: the H&M brand which includes the H&M HOME brand, and the Portfolio Brands consisting of COS, Weekday, Monki, & Other Stories, ARKET, Afound and Singular Society. The group also consists of New Growth and Ventures, which includes among others Creator Studio and majority owned Sellpy.

Each brand has its own organisation and managing director, and most of the brands have their own local or regional sales organisations. Centrally, there are also several of the group functions that support each brand to capitalise on the benefits across shared areas, so that each brand and country works according to central policies and guidelines.

The CEO, who is appointed by the board of directors, is responsible for day-to-day management of H&M Group and appoints the members of the executive management team, which is eight persons including the CEO. The executive management team is made up of four women and four men, and comprises the CEO, CFO, the person with responsibility for the H&M brand, the person with responsibility for Portfolio Brands, the person with responsibility for New Growth and Ventures and the heads of the following group functions: CEO Office, People and Organisational Development/Human Resources and The Laboratory. Those responsible for other group functions are appointed by the CFO.