Inclusion and diversity

H&M Group is a value-driven company that wants to lead the way to a more inclusive world. To us, inclusion and diversity represent who we are and want to be, now and in the future.

How we embrace inclusion and diversity

While for us, inclusion and diversity mean promoting these principles in all aspects of our business, we welcome how others define them too. We don’t see them as static but as something we are constantly working on.

Because inclusion and diversity are complex and ever-changing, we make sure to grow and evolve too – by learning and applying that knowledge. Committed to ongoing self-reflection, we are a part of what happens around us and can leverage our brands, our size and scale – our entire business – to create awareness around them. We know our progress can help pave the way to a more inclusive and diverse fashion industry, one step at a time.

Internal diversity representation at H&M Group


of management positions were held by female colleagues in 2023 (2022: 75%) and our board of directors had a 55%:45% (female:male) gender split1, the same as in 2022.

Our colleagues represent


nationalities, with leaders who manage people representing 92 nationalities2.

Our workforce spans across several generations:
Generation Z: 43.5%
Millennials: 41.4%
Generation X: 13.4%
Baby Boomers: 1.6%2


is our male-to-female staff ratio. We recognise gender is not binary and that gender dimensions exist between and beyond male and female identities. We are exploring how we can adapt our systems to be more inclusive of all genders, while also complying with local laws and regulations. In the meantime, we will continue to report on the data we currently have available.

Data from Sustainability Disclosure 2023.

  1. Includes directors elected by AGM as well as employee representatives. Does not include deputies of employee representatives.
  2. Does not include colleagues in Germany.

Our approach

We’re determined to create and maintain inclusive, diverse and equitable workplaces throughout our organisation. Together with our brands, we promote diversity and equality through products and communication, and advance inclusion in our communities.

Our focus areas and objectives help us set direction and vision. They represent an overarching framework consisting of actions of both global and local origin and implementation so that our brands, regions and company functions can set their own priorities relevant to their specific context as well.

Our inclusion and diversity strategy is structured around:


Our purpose is to create a workplace and culture that is dynamic, inclusive, and innovative. We infuse inclusion and diversity into all our HR principles and directions.


We work to enable a more inclusive and diverse customer offer and experience.


We want to ensure our presence contributes positively to the people and communities in which we work and live. We seek to enable opportunities for people across our value chain through global and local partnerships and initiatives.

Through our Inclusion & Diversity focus areas and objectives, everyone within our company is empowered, expected and able to contribute. I am proud to see all the work achieved, but there are many challenges ahead. Our commitment to being an inclusive company is unwavering, as is our ambition to build a better world through our influence.

Annie Wu
Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity, H&M Group

Supplier diversity

In the United States, we are working to increase the diversity of our suppliers. We are setting goals to collaborate with suppliers that are at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by minorities. As we believe inclusive procurement is a great way to contribute to positive social impact, we are exploring how we can expand the initiative to more markets.

Our brands and inclusion and diversity

All of our brands are working to embed inclusion and diversity in their operations, assortments, and communities.

There are many ongoing campaigns and initiatives on both a global and local scale. Some of the more recent examples include:  

See more information of our brands initiatives on inclusion and diversity:

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