Towards a more inclusive business

We work to continuously improve our customer offering and experience and have an explicit focus on making these more inclusive and diverse.

Inclusion and diversity through all our brands

While our brands have unique identities, they are all united in their goals to be relevant, inclusive and diverse to current and future customers. To facilitate this, we equip our brands with the tools, information, education and support to help mitigate bias, improve inclusion and promote diversity in all customer-facing activities – from design ideas and product development to marketing and communication across our sales channels.

Internally, we offer trainings – on cultural appropriation and representation, as well as on legal and ethical aspects of product development, to name a couple – while our advertising and product policies guide our teams in naming and designing products, prints and graphics. Our internal teams continue to create content to serve local market needs, including better representations of the local customer, size inclusivity, more racial/ethnic diversity and unique local products. We also began trialling new approaches to better cater to our non-binary customers and improve their in-store experience, as part of our mission to reflect, respect and relate to our customers and communities.

Unstereotype Alliance

Our ongoing partnership with Unstereotype Alliance works to address stereotypes in marketing through trainings and evaluation. An internal working group enables colleagues from all our brands to exchange views on challenges and partake in the UA masterclass on different perspectives.

Learn more about our local inclusion and diversity initiatives and strategies in the US