Circularity & climate

Our ambition is to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, reduce our absolute water consumption, secure wastewater quality and contribute to the global goal to have a positive impact on nature. We are moving to a circular ecosystem, where resources are kept in use for as long as possible, to decouple our growth from resource use.

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We’re cutting emissions across our business and our supply chain through energy saving measures and switching to renewables. Find out more about our journey to reach net-zero by 2040.

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We are reducing the amount of water we use to make our products. We also work with communities and other organisations to improve water quality and availability on a landscape scale.

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Biodiversity is crucial for the health of our planet and our business. We support projects that protect and restore the natural world and are connected to the materials we use.

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From the way we design our products to the services we offer our customers, we are committed to moving away from a take-make-waste approach to fashion. Instead we are building systems to make sure products and materials are used again and again.


Whether they are natural or synthetic, we choose the materials we use in our products carefully.

Our aim is to always source recycled, regenerative or responsible alternatives, to minimise our impact on people and the planet.

Find out more about the different materials we use, our approach to sourcing, how we invest in the materials of tomorrow and our future plans.

Every year we publish our sustainability disclosure detailing the progress we made over the previous 12 months towards our goals and ambitions.


We’re getting rid of unnecessary packaging, switching to recycled materials and investigating reusable solutions.

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Across our supply chain we are phasing out hazardous chemicals and making sure those we do use are safe and traceable.

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We’ve been working with WWF for over ten years on projects around water, climate and biodiversity.

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In our stores, offices and distribution centres, we are designing out waste and pollution, and reusing furniture and fittings.

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