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H&M Move invites the whole world to move together with Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight

New brand H&M Move, launching worldwide August 4th, is embarking on a bold mission to democratise sportswear and get the whole world and everybody moving, however they move.

Jane Fonda

The brand offers a more accessible vision of sport by reframing it as movement, celebrating the fact that everyone on the planet is already a Mover, moving in a multitude of ways.

H&M Move aims to equip the world with stylish and functionable ‘movewear’ that will support Movers of all abilities and skills to move comfortably and confidently.

H&M Move is a movement brand. We’re here to celebrate movement and invite the world to move. Removing barriers to sport is very much at the heart of our purpose, starting with democratising sports apparel. We provide a wide range of movewear across several categories that are stylish, functional, and incredible value for our customers. Combined with our passion to get everybody and every body moving, together with our Movers Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight, we are truly inspired for the journey ahead of us.

Simon Brown, General Manager H&M MOVE

H&M Move is launching with a global workout campaign led by Movers – fitness icon Jane Fonda and acclaimed choreographer JaQuel Knight. The launch campaign sees Jane once again take up her role as a workout instructor and invite the world to move. JaQuel joins her in guiding this intergenerational workout, celebrating all forms of movement and Movers – from the highly skilful to joyfully playful.

Academy Award-winning actor, activist, and fitness icon, Jane Fonda continues striving to move people 40 years after the release of her first workout video.

I’ve spent a lot of my own life getting people to move and was naturally drawn to the mission of H&M Move to get the whole world moving, I also really liked their philosophy of ‘movewear’ over ‘sportswear.’ To me, it’s not about sports or being the most athletic. It’s about giving your body the kind of movement it needs to stay healthy so it can take care of you.

Jane Fonda

Jane is joined by fellow Mover, JaQuel Knight – the renowned choreographer responsible for some of the most iconic dances of our time and multiple Superbowl shows.

Collaborating with H&M Move felt like a great opportunity to further my personal mission to break down the barriers to movement and get the world moving and dancing. Together, we’re creating a new precedent when it comes to sport and showing that there’s no subscription needed to move.

JaQuel Knight

Both for women and men, H&M Move launches with a wide range of ‘movewear’ designed to bounce, flex, skip and flow. The first drop includes a variety of Move Essentials, including functional tops, lightweight jackets and a broad selection of tights and bras, alongside items specifically designed to train and run. Dropping simultaneously is the H&M Move Monogram Collection – worn by Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight in the launch film – this collection features a series of tracksuits sporting logo play and reflective detailing.

H&M Move will present four exclusive materials by combining innovative designs with complex technologies with a simple naming system. Customers need only glance at the name of each material to understand what it does and how it helps them move. DryMove™ – Helps pull all moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortably dry while moving. ShapeMove™ – Gives you extra support plus features a ‘no show’ benefit when lifting and stretching. SoftMove™ – is super soft and gives you extra support while you move. StormMove™ – protects against wind and rain and is breathable whatever the weather.

All materials have an impact on our planet, from the production, use and, ultimately, end of life and disposal. To reduce environmental impact, H&M Group is aiming for 100% of the materials to be either recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way by 2030. The new sports brand H&M Move is almost at 85% today, starting with 99% of the polyester sourced for its assortment being recycled and all cotton that is used in its collections is more sustainably sourced. Furthermore, H&M Move is amplifying positive impact by establishing new partnerships that collectively drive towards circularity and innovative materials of the future, by starting collaborations with Fairbrics and LanzaTech, launching 2023.

H&M Move launches on August 4th with collections for women, men, and kids available in 2500 stores worldwide and on

About H&M Move:

H&M Move is a movement brand. We celebrate movement and invite the world to move. We make stylish and functional movewear accessible to Every Body, in a more sustainable way. Visit or follow @hm_move for more inspiration.