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& Other Stories unveils Susan Fang co-lab – ‘Dreams Unleashed’

This April, & Other Stories is collaborating with Susan Fang, the renowned fashion designer known for her nature-inspired, fantastical creations and innovative techniques. ​From striking organza dresses to 3D-flower accessories, the collection is a testament to the power of imagination – and having your mother as a muse.

Since the launch of her eponymous label in 2017, each collection created by Susan Fang weaves together innovative textiles, vibrant colours, and distinctive silhouettes, resulting in garments and accessories of true artistic originality. Born in China and raised across multiple countries, Susan Fang’s designs reflect a unique blend of cultural influences and a deep connection to nature. With a passion for fantastical dresses from a young age, Susan Fang’s journey has taken her from imaginative childhood drawings to establishing herself as a visionary in the fashion industry. Susan Fang’s co-lab with & Other Stories unveils a collection that invites wearers into a dreamy, surreal world.

The primary inspiration for this co-lab was nature and the idea of creating dreamy statement pieces that also could be worn in your daily wardrobe. It’s a collection that ties nature, dreams and surrealism together through fashion. We added floral elements in all the pieces, where some flowers are in the broderie anglaise, some are in the embroidery, and some are made with beads. And we combined floral prints with transparent fabric so they appear to be floating, giving the wearer a feeling of freedom.

Susan Fang

We are thrilled and proud to announce our co-lab collection with Susan Fang. We have great admiration for her designs that seamlessly blend the delicate and the bold. Drawing inspiration from nature and science, she creates dream-like pieces that are both innovative and inspiring. We can’t wait to unveil the collection to the world, and we believe that these unique pieces will not only captivate hearts but endure as cherished and beloved treasures for years to come.

Frida Billegren, Concept design & Other Stories

The co-lab is characterised by distinctive Susan Fang signatures: laser-cut flower petals, unique prints, crochet pieces, and delicate broderie anglaise. It also introduces new dimensions to Susan Fang’s design, with finishing touches like beaded “water drops” adding an extra layer of surreal sophistication.

Standout pieces include the “Treasure Dress,” inspired by the enchanting play of sunlight through leaves. This exquisite dress combines laser-cut flower petals, creating a floating effect, on a floral print based on flower drawings by Susan’s mother, blending traditional artistry with contemporary fashion.

The 11-piece co-lab includes a laser-cut dress and skirt, beaded crochet pieces, a broderie anglaise blouse and skirt, floral short-shorts, and a flower-printed feminine shirt dress. All nine ready-to-wear garments are made from organic cotton or recycled materials, and the prints are derived from unique flower drawings and marble paintings made by Susan Fang’s mother. Additionally, the collection features silver diamanté sandals made from chrome-free leather and a wearable version of Susan Fang’s iconic 3D-printed flower necklace, born from Susan’s dream of a transparent flower blossoming – melding fantasy with reality.

Immerse yourself in dream-woven creations, where each piece is full of stories.​

The Susan Fang & Other Stories co-lab collection will launch globally in selected & Other Stories stores and on on April 18, 2024.

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